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10th Annual Ohio Employee Health & Wellness Conference


Thanks to the 10th Annual Ohio Employee Health & Wellness Sponsors


Quantum Health

General Sessions

Opening Conference Keynote The Next Frontier in Employee Health & Wellness …Mental Fitness Optimization: Effective Strategies, Technologies & Tools that Reduce the Negative Effects of Chronic Stress; Decrease Anxiety, Anger, Depression, and Chronic Pain; Improve Cognition, Concentration, and Creativity; to Create a Healthier, Happier Workforce; a Calmer, More Confident Business Culture Capable of Minimizing Infighting and Maximizing Problem Solving! -- Dr. Brian Barkett, Psy.D., Founder & President, Better Minds Group (BMG),  Granville 

Ohio Healthiest Employers Panel … Embracing Wellness at Work -- Best Practices, Success at Cultivating a Culture of Wellness, Changing Employee Behavior & Impacting Their Health and Providing a Solid Return on the Investment:   Insights from Selected Healthy Ohio Award Winners -- Moderator:  Jim Staebler, Vice President, Midwest, Quantum Health, Columbus;  Douglas K. Grossman-McKee, Director, Health and Welfare, Eaton Corp., Cleveland; Jillian Jacobs, Wellness Program Manager, American Showa, Inc., Blanchester; Brent Hylton, Environment Occupational Health & Safety Manager & Peg McGaha, Occupational Health Nurse, Colgate-Palmolive Co., Cambridge


Workshop A - Best Practices – Best-in-Class Wellness Programs … Designing Successful Initiatives, Comparing Your Company’s Program in the Marketplace and Reducing the Healthcare Cost Trend 

Workshop B - Fundamental Practices –Keys to What Consumers Want Most from Their Health Care Plan and An Employer Engagement Case Study 

Workshop C - Advanced Practices ––Turn Workplace Conflict into Cooperation to Maximize Problem Solving Flow: Use the Golden Rule like a Master .

Workshop D - Wellness Programming – Tailoring Your Wellness Program to Achieve Maximum ROI & Motivating Employees to Improve Their Health 

Workshop E - Best Practices – Get off Your Butt!!   The Impact of Sitting on Your ‘Bottom’ Line and Innovative Ideas, Steps & Solutions to Getting Employees Engaged a Movement Challenge including an Easy Deskercize Workout 

Workshop F - Advanced  Practices –Taking Wellness to the Next Level with Innovative Progress-Based Incentive Design …  Case Study at Midmark Corporation 

Workshop G - Fundamental Practices – Wellness Programs that Reduce Benefit Costs ….How to Use Health Plan Utilization Reports to Craft the Optimum Wellness Program 

Workshop H- Wellness Programming – Practical Solutions for Addressing Obesity in the Workplace and Intrinsically Motivating Employees toward a Culture of Wellness