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25th Annual Ohio Tax Conference

Thanks to Sponsors of the 25th  Annual Ohio Tax Conference, the Largest Business Tax Conference in the Nation!! 

McDonald Hopkins

Zaino Hall and Farrin


Plante Moran



Frost Brown Todd

GBQ Partners

Morrison & Foerster

Bingham Greenebaum Doll

Clarus Partners

Deloitte Tax

DuCharme, McMillen & Associates

Grant Thornton

Ice Miller

Institute of Professionals In Taxation




Reed Smith

Taft, Stettinius & Hollister

Bricker and Eckler

Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn

 General Sessions and Luncheon Keynotes

Major Trends & Developments in Business Taxation Tax Reform in the States including New York, California, Indiana, Washington, Texas, Nevada; Presidential Elections & Impact on Business Tax Reform; MTC’s ALAS Project on Transfer Pricing;  Nexus; Excise Tax within the Affordable Care Act; Increased Enforcement; Economic & Social Trends & Their Impact on State & Local Taxation and Expansion of Tax Credits to Retain & Attract Business:  A Lively & Free-Wheeling Panel Discussion -- Jeffrey N. Saviano, Americas Director, Indirect/SALT Services, Ernst & Young LLP, Boston, MA; Douglas L. Lindholm, President & Executive Director, Council on State Taxation, Washington, DC and Helen Hecht, General Counsel, Multistate Tax Commission and Former General Counsel, Federation of Tax Administrators, Washington, DC 

Ohio Tax & Jobs 2016…Significant Developments in Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) -- Moderator:  Bruce R. Thompson, Vice President & Associate General Counsel-Tax, Nationwide Insurance Co, Columbus and Thomas M. Zaino, Founder & Managing Member, Zaino Hall & Farrin LLC, Columbus 

Ohio Tax & Jobs 2016…Significant Developments in JobsOhio; Economic Incentives and Tax Credits -- Michael Caputo, Member, McDonald Hopkins LLC, Cleveland 

Ohio Tax & Jobs 2016 ... Sales & Use Tax -- Edward J. Bernert, Partner, Baker & Hostetler LLP, Columbus 

Ohio Tax & Jobs 2016…Municipal Income, PTE and Personal Income Taxation -- J. Donald Mottley, Tax Group Attorney, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Columbus     

Ohio Tax & Jobs 2016… Real Property Valuation & Classification -- Mark A. Engel, Partner, Bricker & Eckler LLP, Cincinnati

What’s on the Horizon … Priceless Insights on Tax Department Initiatives, Tax Reform, Ohio Budget, and Business Taxes -- Joseph W. Testa, Tax Commissioner, Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus 

Great Debate: Best & Worst of State Tax Administration … Ohio’s Native Son Challenges the ‘Ivory-Tower’ Academic Professor from Connecticut to Another Debate, Arguing Thought-Provoking, Hot SALT Issues such as How Hot Is SALT With the U.S. Supreme Court, Retroactive Tax Laws, Nexus, MTC Activity, Alternative Apportionment, Audits, Will Congress Ever Mandate Uniformity, and Other Developments -- Referee:  Albert P. Cliffel, III, Senior Vice President, Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati; Richard D. Pomp, Professor of Law, University of Connecticut, Hartford, CT; and Fredrick J. Nicely, Senior Tax Counsel, Council on State Taxation (COST), Washington, DC 

Not Since 1992, Has the U.S. Supreme Court Been So Active in State & Local Taxes … Intricacies of Wynne, CMX & DMA Decisions & Impact on State & Local Taxes - June  Summers Haas, Partner, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, Lansing, MI   

Economic Outlook for 2016 and Beyond for Ohio & U.S. … Rise of Consumer Continues, Economic Activity Accelerating, Real GNP Growth and Low Unemployment Rate & Inflation -- David W. Berson, Ph.D., Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus


Workshop A - Implementation of Ohio Municipal Tax Reform –Provisions & Technical Corrections of Municipal Tax Uniformity Effective January 1, 2016

Workshop B - Local Economic Development Incentives—Where the Real Money Is

Workshop C - Basic:  State & Local Tax … an Introduction to SALT & Multistate Taxation

Workshop D - Dealing with a Mobile Workforce & Employment Tax Challenges Faced by Multistate Employers

Workshop E - Advanced:  Applying the Sales & Use Tax to New Technology

Workshop F Part 1 - CAT, Sales & Use and PTE Audits … Best Practices to Effectively Plan & Manage the Audit Process (very large file, supplemental materials divided with pages 1-95 here and rest in Part 2)

Workshop F Part 2 - CAT, Sales & Use and PTE Audits … Best Practices to Effectively Plan & Manage the Audit Process (part 2 supplemental materials pages 96 to 192)

Workshop G - Making Friends & Influencing Boards of Revision … County Auditor Roundtable 

Workshop H - Manufacturers – National Sales Tax Issues

Workshop I - Advanced: Global Supply Chain ... Challenging State & Local Tax Issues of Global Operations

Workshop J - Tax Challenges in the Evolving ‘Sharing Economy – The Collaborative Economy’ and the New Tech-Savvy, Venture-Capital Business Models that Fit Old Tax Laws 

Workshop K - Unclaimed Property – Key Developments, Navigating through an Audit and Practical Tips & Best Practices to Streamline Compliance Process 

Workshop L - Mergers & Acquisitions … State Tax Planning, Traps and Recent Developments 

Workshop M - Basic:  Best Practices in Audit Defense 

Workshop N - Taxability of Employment Services … Two Victories, But Will Taxpayers Prevail on Appeal to Ohio Supreme Court?  Priceless Tips to Help You Prevail

Workshop O - Regional Update … Tax Advice for Companies Doing Business in Michigan & Pennsylvania

Workshop P - Ohio Economic Incentives & JobsOhio: Promoting Ohio Competitiveness … What’s Ahead

Workshop Q - Advanced:  Multistate Apportionment … Trends, Pitfalls & Opportunities 

Workshop P - Advanced: Implementation of Ohio Municipal Tax Reform Effective January 1, 2016 … Model Municipal Ordinances and Priceless Insight on the Most Important Law Changes

Workshop S - Ohio’s Direct Pay Permits Program … History, Benefits, Compliance & Future

Workshop T - Sales & Use Tax:   National Issues & Trends

Workshop U  - Affordable Care Act (ACA) … ACA Tax Returns Due in Early 2016:  What’s Next?

Workshop V - Basic: Ohio CAT … Audits Process and Common Audit Issues

Workshop W - Ohio Income Taxation … Major Developments within the Ohio Supreme Court & Ohio Board of Tax Appeals Continue to Impact Municipal & State Tax Laws

Workshop X - Advanced:  Wazzup in Alternative Apportionment & Efforts to Stop Its Use

Workshop Y - Advanced:  Statistical Sampling … What You Need to Know to Avoid a ‘Wheels Off’ Statistical Sample Audit

Workshop Z - Financial Institutions … Top Challenging Non-Income Tax Issues in the Region

Workshop BB - Ohio Sales & Use Tax – In-depth Review of Major Developments Including New Audit Policies & Areas with Significant Number of Inquiries

Workshop CC - Advanced:  Emerging Issues in State Tax Nexus … The Most Rapidly Changing Area of Taxation

Workshop DD - Regional Update … Tax Advice for Companies Doing Business in Indiana & Kentucky

Workshop EE - Basic:  Proactively Managing State Tax Audits Before They Manage You

Workshop FF- Tax Credits & Incentives … Major Changes to Ohio Credits & Incentives from H.B. 64

Workshop GG - Best Practices in Tax Administration

Workshop HH - Major Developments in Ohio Pass-Through Entity and Personal Income Taxation

Workshop II - Ethics:   The Unauthorized Practice of Law and Ohio SALT Matters:   Walking the Razor’s Edge?

Workshop JJ - Top Ten State Tax Cases with Significant Impact on State Tax Policy

Workshop KK- Ethics:   Ethics & Professionalism for State Tax Professionals 

Workshop LL - Property Valuation:  Ohio’s ‘New Valuation’ Statute … Where is the Guidance to be Found? 

Workshop MM - Cloud Computing … Sales Tax Implications of Sales of Services and Digital Goods

Workshop NN - Advanced:  Sales Factor Sourcing … Evolution & Analysis of Apportionment

Workshop OO - Research & Development…Maximizing Benefits While Reducing Burdens 

Workshop PP - Commercial Activity Tax … What Can Ohio Learn from the Texas Franchise Tax and the Washington Business & Occupations Tax? 

Session QQ - Interactive Tax Directors & Counsel Roundtable