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27th Annual Environmental Permitting in Ohio Conference

Many thanks to the sponsors of the 27th Annual Environmental Permitting in Ohio Conference 

Trinity Consultants

Montrose Environmental

General Sessions

Opening Keynote -- Operating in a Drastically Different & Uncertain Regulatory Climate:   How Will Changes at U.S. EPA Affect Ohio? -- William Kovacs, Senior Vice President, Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC

Major Air Permitting & Compliance Developments -- Robert F. Hodanbosi, Chief, Ohio EPA, Division of Air Pollution Control, Columbus; Maxine Dewbury, Manager, Regulatory Affairs, The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati  and Robert L. Brubaker, Partner, Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur, Columbus

New and Emerging Water Management Issues ... Water Quality in the Great Lakes Region and Major Water Developments … Opportunities, Increased Risks, Cautions & Caveats -- William H. Haak, Founder & Partner, Haak Law LLC, Cleveland; Tiffani Kavalec, Chief, Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water, Columbus; and J. Gregory Smith, Senior Counsel, Marathon Petroleum Company LP, Findlay

Concurrent & Interactive Workshops 

Workshop A - Air Permitting … Invaluable Guidance on the Decision-Making Process to Determine What Type of Permit Action to Take for a New Project or Modification

Workshop B - Minor Source Air Permits – Permitting Process Including Best Available Technology (BAT) Developments and Update on General Permits & Permits by Rule

Workshop C - NPDES Permitting … Practical & Cost-Effective Tips for NPDES Permitting & Compliance and the Surface Water Tracking, Reporting & Electronic Application Management System (STREAMS)

Workshop D - Air Permitting & Compliance … From Regulators to Regulated -- Priceless Insights on Navigating the Regulatory Process & Current Challenges

Workshop E - Best Practices in Air Permitting & Compliance … Invaluable Guidance on How to Establish Potential to Emit (PTE) for Your Facility

Workshop F - Air Permitting … How to Determine Whether a Modification Is Triggered Under PTI/PTIO, Title V, PSD, NSPS and/or MACT Rules and Regulations?

Workshop G - Title V Renewal/Application Process and Making Physical Changes at a Title V Facility … How & When to Make Changes to Your Title V Permit and Related PTI Issues

Workshop H - Water Quality Standards:    New & Proposed Rules, Policies & Regulations that Could Impact your NPDES Permit

Workshop I- Best Practices in Storm Water Compliance in Ohio in Light of the Renewal of Ohio EPA's Industrial Storm Water General Permit

Workshop J - Major New Source Review Under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Nonattainment New Source Review (NNSR) … Important Changes in the Rules

Workshop K - Air & NPDES Permits … Best Practices & Succeeding in the Process to Obtain the Best Possible Permit

Workshop L -  Air Permitting … Managing & Permitting Your Stationary Internal Combustion Engines