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25th Annual Sustainability and EHS Symposium

Thanks to the Symposium Sponsors 

Dickinson Wright PLLC 

EHS Technology Group


Trinity Consultants 

General Sessions

Opening Keynote - U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan –  Impact on Manufacturers & the Potential Role of Industrial Energy Efficiency & CHP Projects to Mitigate Higher Electric Bills -- Pamela C. Polacek, Member, Energy and Environmental Group, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC and General Counsel, Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania (IECPA), Harrisburg, PA

Indiana … Environmental Priorities, Plans for the Future, Air & Water Permitting Success & Challenges, U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan Implementation and Helping Business Navigate through the Complex Regulatory Maze in Light of Major New U.S.EPA Rules -- Carol S. Comer, Commissioner, Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management, Indianapolis

Kentucky… Environmental Priorities, Plans for the Future, Air & Water Permitting Success & Challenges and Helping Business Navigate through the Complex Regulatory Maze in Light of Major New U.S. EPA Rules ... R. Bruce Scott, Commissioner, Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, Frankfort 

Closing Keynote- Creating Value through Zero Waste … Honda’s Journey to Zero Waste --Robert Bottom, Green Factory Engineer, Honda of America Manufacturing, Marysville, OH

Concurrent Workshops

Workshop A - Best Practices in Sustainability … Making Sustainability Happen

Workshop B - Managing Engine Compliance … Best Practices for a RICE/ICE Compliance Plan

Workshop C - The Next Business Challenge … Managing Water in an Era of Increased Quality Standards … Permitting & Compliance Challenges in Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky  

Workshop D - Best Practices in Safety Management …Importance of Near-Miss Incidents Reporting

Workshop E - Fundamental Practices … an Introduction to Environmental Regulations  

Workshop F - Award-Winning Sustainability Initiatives … Moving Towards a Zero Waste to Landfill Site -- How to Make the ‘Thousand Mile’ Journey One Step at a Time

Workshop G - ‘Ghosts’ of Air Permits Past – Revisiting Historical Permits & Applications to Develop Clean, Concise Air Permits for the Future

Workshop H - Best Practices in Storm Water Management … Resource Conservation Case Study

Workshop I - Best Practices in Safety Management … Impact on Business of the Global Harmonization System (GHS) and Revised Hazard Communication Standard Effective June 1, 2016

Workshop J - Current Trends in Indiana & Kentucky Environmental Enforcement

Workshop K - Sustainability Best Practices … What to Report and How to Report It

Workshop L - Best Management Practices … Environmental Compliance Audits

Workshop M - Air Permitting in Ohio … How to Determine Whether a Modification Is Triggered Under PTI/PTIO, Title V, PSD, NSPS and/or MACT Rules and Regulations?

Workshop N - Best Practices in Safety:  Serious Workplace Incidents -- How to Ensure Things Go Right After They’ve Gone Horribly Wrong

Workshop O- Kentucky: Major Air Permitting, Regulatory & Compliance Developments

Workshop P - Practical Tips in Industrial Environmental Management … Beyond the Hype: Managing to Protect the Environment 

Workshop Q - Indiana:   Air Quality & Regulatory Issues in the Hoosierland

Workshop R - Storm Water Pollution Plans (SWP3), Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) and Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans … How do They Interact?

Workshop S - Clean Air Act Title V … Assessing Reasonable Inquiry & Due Diligence

Workshop T - Current Trends in Federal and Ohio Environmental Enforcement  

Workshop AA - Best Practices in Sustainability … Future Trends in Facility Design & Product Sourcing

Workshop BB - Ohio:  Major Air Permitting, Regulatory & Compliance Developments

Workshop CC - Best Management Practices & Successful Wastewater Treatment

Workshop DD - Safety Management… Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulatory Changes

Workshop EE - Best Practices for Preparing a Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Report & Auditing Report

Workshop FF - Automotive Manufacturing & Parts Industries … Effective Solutions to Today’s Environmental Challenges  

Workshop GG - 46th Anniversary of the Clean Air Act:   Public Health Improvements, Technology Advances and Remaining Air Quality Challenges … What’s on the Horizon for Business in America’s Heartland?

Workshop HH - Passionate about Safety:  Effective Safety Training Techniques 

Workshop II - Environmental Management Continuous Improvement … Using the Annual Reporting Process to Strengthen Your Facility’s Program

Workshop JJ - Best Practices in Environmental Management … How to Keep Off EPA’s Enforcement Radar