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25th Annual Environmental Permitting in Ohio Conference

General Sessions

Air Panel-- 2015 … Another Significant Year in the 45-Year History of the Clean Air Act … Major Air Permitting & Compliance Developments  -- Robert F. Hodanbosi, Chief, Ohio EPA, Division of Air Pollution Control, Columbus; Maxine Dewbury, Manager, Regulatory Affairs, The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati and Robert L. Brubaker, Partner, Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur, Columbus

Water Panel -- New and Emerging Water Management Issues in an Era of Increased & Ever-Changing Water Quality Standards:   Major Water Developments Impacting Ohio Businesses, Manufacturers & Other Industrial & Commercial Operations -- Stephen P. Samuels, Member, Frost Brown Todd LLC, Columbus; Dale E. Kocarek, Associate, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., Columbus and William T. Fischbein, Supervising Attorney, Ohio EPA, Columbus


Workshop A- Air Permitting … Invaluable Guidance on the Decision-Making Process to Determine What Type of Permit Action to Take for a New Project or Modification

Workshop B- Air Permitting & Compliance … From Regulators to Regulated -- Priceless Insights on Meeting Compliance Obligations

Workshop C - The Clean Power Plan:  EPA’s Far-Reaching Proposal for Reducing Carbon Emissions, the Implementation Challenges for Ohio, and the Potential Impacts on Business & Industry

Workshop D - Storm Water Permitting – Best Practices & Cost-Effective Tips on Permitting & Compliance

Workshop E - Ghosts’ of Air Permits Past – Revisiting Historical Permits & Applications to Develop Clean, Concise Air Permits for the Future

Workshop F- Best Practices in Air Permitting & Compliance … Monitoring, Recordkeeping, Reporting and Testing …Building and Maintaining a Balanced and Successful Compliance Program for Your Facility

Workshop G - Title V Renewal/Application Process and Making Physical Changes at a Title V Facility … How & When to Make Changes to Your Title V

Workshop H- Invaluable Air Compliance Assistance … How to Use Ohio EPA’s eBusiness Center:  Air Services to Assist with Your Permit Applications and Reporting Requirements

Workshop I - Air Permits – Best Available Technology (BAT) Developments and Update on General Permits & Permits by Rule

Workshop J- Major New Source Review Under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Nonattainment New Source Review (NNSR) … Important Changes in the Rules

Workshop K- NPDES Permitting … How to Proactively Work Towards a New or Renewal Permit that You Can Live With

Workshop L - Air Permitting & Compliance … Air Dispersion Modeling Guidance in Ohio EPA’s Engineering Gide #69 & PM2.5 Update