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6th Annual Pennsylvania Energy Management Conference


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Opening Keynote:  Energy Security and Politics:  Where We’ve Been; Where Will We Go -- Heath Knakmuhs, Senior Director of Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, Washington, DC  

PanelWhat's Ahead in Pennsylvania … Regulatory and Legislative Update -- David W. Sweet, Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Harrisburg;  Terrance J. Fitzpatrick, President & CEO, Energy Association of Pennsylvania), Harrisburg; Pamela C. Polacek, Member, Energy and Environmental Group, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC and General Counsel, Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania (IECPA), Harrisburg

Luncheon Keynote:   Electric Power Outlook … Wholesale Market Price Drivers -  PJM Capacity Auction Impacts on Prices and Resource Performance -- Andrew L. Ott, President & CEO,  PJM Interconnection LLC, Audubon

Concurrent & Interactive Workshops

Workshop A - PJM 101 … Insights into the Regional Electricity Market Operated  by PJM

Workshop B - The Staying Power of Integrated Energy Solutions

Workshop C - Rapidly-Increasing Electricity Transmission Charges and Actionable Steps Customers Can Take to Manage

Workshop D - Strategic Energy Management … A Holistic Approach to Managing Energy Use That Focuses on Continuously Improving Energy Performance & Increasing Cost Savings  

Workshop E - PJM 201 … A Deeper Dive into the Regional Electricity Market Operated by PJM

Workshop F - Advanced Energy Management:  Trends in PA’s Energy Market & New Technology to Manage & Reduce Energy Use

Workshop G - Energy Efficiency & Conservation—Update on PA Act 129

Workshop H - Leveraging Third Party Ownership for a Financially-Efficient Combined Heat & Power and Fuel Cell Installation

Workshop I - What is the New Future for Demand Response (DR)?

Workshop J - Reduce Energy Consumption & Increased Plant Operational Efficiency … New Technology in Pulse Valve Applications

Workshop K - PPL Electric Utilities’ Business Rebates for Investing in Energy Efficiency Upgrades