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21st Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference

Thank You to the Sponsors of the 21st Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference

AEP Energy   

FirstEnergy Solutions

ENGIE Resources 

Brakey Energy, Inc

Direct Energy Business

GEM Energy

Industrial Energy Users-Ohio

McNees Wallace and Nurick LLC

Ohio Center for Industrial EE

General Sessions & Luncheon Keynotes

America’s Energy Future and the New Trump Administration … Common Sense Energy Strategies, Policies & Initiatives and What to Expect -- Karen A. Harbert, President & CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, Washington, DC

Electric Power Outlook … Wholesale Market Price Drivers -  PJM Capacity Auction Impacts on Prices and Resource Performance -- Andrew L. Ott, President & CEO, PJM Interconnection LLC, Audubon, PA

Luncheon Keynote - Current & Future State of Energy Management Technology for Large Energy Users:  Utilization of Distributed Generation & Energy Storage Facilities in RTOs & Optimization of Energy Cost Savings & Revenue Capture – Raj Chudgar, President, Viridity Energy, Phildadelphia, PA

Powering the Future of Ohio’s Economy … Ohio’s Electricity Marketplace:     Insights on Rates; Re-Regulation Legislation, Ohio’s Standards on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, Technology; Energy Efficiency; Generation & Transmission; and Ensuring Adequate, Safe, & Reliable Electricity to all Business & Industrial Customers to Stimulate Economic Growth - Moderator:   Jennifer Klein, President, Ohio Chemistry Technology Council, Columbus; Robert C. Flexon, President & Chief Executive Officer, Dynegy Inc., Houston, TX;  Asim Haque, Chairman, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Columbus; James P. Henning, State President Ohio and Kentucky, Duke Energy Corp., Cincinnati; Michael S. Mizell, Vice President and Market Business Leader, AES Corporation, Indianapolis, IN; Samuel C. Randazzo, General Counsel, Industrial Energy Users – Ohio (IEU-Ohio), Columbus; Julie Sloat, President & Chief Operating Officer, AEP Ohio, Columbus;  and Ebony L. Yeboah, Vice President, State and Federal Regulatory Legal Affairs, FirstEnergy Corp., Akron

Wednesday Luncheon Keynote:   Nuclear Matters … Public Policy Solutions that Properly Value Nuclear Energy as a Reliable, Affordable and Carbon-Free Electricity Resource that is Essential to America’s Energy Future – Christine Todd Whitman

Valuable Resources Provided by IEU - Ohio and McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

Ohio Individual Electric Utilities’ Rate History & Rate Plans (Feburary 2017)

Concurrent & Interactive Workshops

Workshop A - Best Practices in Clean Energy & Case Study … Ohio Northern University Solar Case Study: 2.065 MW Solar PPA with AEP Onsite Partners

Workshop B - FirstEnergy: Electric Rates & Tariffs, Recent Changes to ESP Shopping Opportunities, PJM Capacity Auctions Update, Demand Response, and Ohio Energy Efficiency & Peak Reduction Mandates Update/Opportunities and Significant Factors Driving Rates

Workshop C - Natural Gas Outlook … the Pathway to Clean, Reliable &  Affordable Electricity in Today’s Natural Gas Price Environment

Workshop D - Best Practices for Thermal Energy Measurement … The Starting Point for Energy Conservation Savings

Workshop E - New to the Energy Field?   Energy Game Show 101

Workshop F - Energy Storage … the Value of Energy Storage Solutions in Reducing Energy Demand without Impacting Operations

Workshop G - Best Practices in Energy Efficiency to Help Your Reduce Your Energy Spend

Workshop H - Best Practices & Case Study:  Cleveland Indians/FirstEnergy Solutions … Extracting             Maximum Value from Your Electric Supplier

Workshop I - PJM 101 … Insights into the Regional Electricity Market Operated by PJM

Workshop J - Enormous Financial Impact … Important Provisions for Your Next Generation Supplier Contract

Workshop K - Buying Natural Gas In Ohio with Titanic Changes in the Competitive Markets

Workshop L - New to the Energy Field?   Energy 101: Supply Strategy and Policy … How to Build an Energy Procurement Plan from Data Gathering through Implementation

Workshop M - Advancing Energy Management at the Plant Level

Workshop N - Duke Energy Ohio:  ESP III Electric Rates & Tariffs, Shopping Opportunities, CBP and PJM Capacity Auctions Update, Demand Response, and Ohio Energy Efficiency & Peak Reduction Mandates Update/Opportunities

Workshop O - PJM 201 … A Deeper Dive into the Regional Electricity Market Operated by PJM and How Electricity Prices Are Impacted

Workshop P - Best Practices & Case Study:   Kent State University & FirstEnergy Solutions … Using Historical and Real-Time Data to Optimize Operations and Minimize Energy Costs

Workshop Q - Best Practices & Case Study:  Creating More Value & Additional Revenue Stream through Demand Response & Greater Utilization of Backup Generation

Workshop R - Managed Supply and New Technologies – The State of the Ohio Energy Market and Options for Energy Managers

Workshop S - Best Practices in Energy Savings: Using Solar and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) to Realize Energy Costs Savings & Environmental Benefits

Workshop T - Best Practices in Reducing Energy … Compressed Air System Efficiency

Workshop U - The Utica Shale Poised to Resume Growth After a Two-Year Timeout

Workshop AA - Best Practices & Case Study … Reducing Ohio Star Forge’s Electric Bills Through Conscious Scheduling and Demand Management

Workshop BB - Advanced, New & Emerging Energy Technologies to Reduce Energy Consumption

Workshop CC - Ohio Power Company (AEP Ohio):  Current Electric Rates & Tariffs, Potential Impacts from the ESP Extension & Extracting Value … Shopping Opportunities, Capacity Peak Shaving and Demand Response Opportunities and Ohio Energy Efficiency & Peak Demand Reduction Mandates Update & Opportunities

Workshop DD - Financing Options Available for Efficiency, Alternative & Renewable Energy Projects

Workshop EE - Rapidly-Increasing Electricity Transmission Charges and Actionable Steps Customers Can Take to Manage Them

Workshop FF - Wind Power … Taking Control of Future Energy Costs by Using Utility-Scale Distributed Generation

Workshop GG - Best Practices in Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings and Achieving a Reduction in  Energy Consumption … Priceless Insights into the Energy Reduction Practices at Some of Ohio’s Best Companies

Workshop HH - Best Practices in Industrial Energy Management by Process

Workshop II - Dayton Power & Light (DPL): Electric Rates & Tariffs: Recent & Proposed Changes Current ESP, Shopping Opportunities, Capacity Peak Shaving and Demand Response Opportunities and Ohio Energy Efficiency & Peak Demand Reduction Mandates Update & Opportunities and Other Significant Factors Driving Rates

Workshop JJ - An Analysis of the Effects of Competition on Ohio Electricity Prices