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20th Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference

Many Thanks to the Sponsors of the 20th Annual Ohio Energy Managment Conference

AEP Energy

FirstEnergy Solutions


Direct Energy Business

Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency


Plug Smart

Brakey Energy

Industrial Energy Users-Ohio

McNees Wallace and Nurick LLC

General Sessions

Climate Stabilization & Reducing Carbon & GHG Emissions:   Innovative Technology vs. Regulation -- Michael Shellenberger, President & Founder, Environmental Progress, Oakland, CA 

Revised - How Natural Gas is Transforming Ohio's Energy Landscape -- David Ledonne, Vice President, Operations-Utica & Appalachia, MarkWest Energy Partners, LP, Cadiz, OH 

U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan –  Impact on Manufacturers & the Potential Role of Industrial Energy Efficiency & CHP Projects to Mitigate Higher Electric Bills -- Pamela C. Polacek, Member, Energy and Environmental Group, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC and General Counsel, Industrial Energy Consumers of Pennsylvania (IECPA), Harrisburg, PA

Wednesday’s Luncheon Keynote:   Technology to Transform the Power Industry … What’s on the Horizon in Technology & Innovation in the Next 10 Years & Impact on the Supply, Demand & Cost of Electricity -- Arshad Mansoor, Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Electric Power Research Institute, Charlotte, NC

Valuable Resources Provided by IEU - Ohio and McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

Full Report Ohio Individual Electric Utilities’ Rate History & Rate Plans (Feburary 2016)

Capacity Markets Do NOT Incent New Electric GenerationAmerican Public Power Association (December 2015) 

Everyone is UnhappyA Report by the Board of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (January 19, 2016)

Supreme Court of the United States Decision on Demand Response (Decided January 25, 2016)

Immediate Stay Request to the Supreme Court of the United States of the U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan (Filed January 26, 2016)

Concurrent Workshops 

Workshop A- Best Practices in Energy Savings & Case Study … Implementation of an Energy Management System & Obtaining Buy-In for Savings that has Saved on Energy Costs Significantly in Just 2 Years 

Workshop B - FirstEnergy: Electric Rates & Tariffs, Impacts from 4th ESP, and Customer Value Opportunities 

Workshop C - Natural Gas Developments 101 – Gas Risk Paradigm Shift …Back to the Basics & Basis 

Workshop D - TimkenSteel Corp./AEP Energy Case Study:   The Future of Demand-Side Management and its Incorporation into the New PJM Capacity Construct 

Workshop E - Reducing Energy Consumption in Ohio’s K-12 Schools, State Agencies & Higher Education Facilities through Performance Contracting 

Workshop F - The Staying Power of Integrated Energy Solutions 

Workshop G - Energy Efficiency Through Better Control: Maximizing the Energy Efficiency by Minimizing Waste 

Workshop H - Peak Load Management … Taking a Proactive Approach to Managing Your Energy Spend 

Workshop I - PJM 101 … Insights into the Regional Electricity Market Operated by PJM and How Electricity Prices are Impacted 

Revised Workshop J - Energy Management Playbook … Best Practices and Actionable Measures to Reduce Your Energy Bills 

Workshop K- Best Practices & Clean Energy Case Study … Valuable Economic Benefits of Solar:  3.6 MW Solar Array and PPA Between AEP Energy & the City of Clyde 

Workshop L - Critical Delivery … Saving Energy Without ‘Stopping the Train’   

Workshop M - Advancing Energy Management at the Plant Level and Continuous Improvement 

Workshop N - Duke Energy - Ohio:  ESP III Electric Rates & Tariffs, Shopping Opportunities, PJM Capacity Auction, Demand Response, and Ohio Energy Efficiency & Peak Demand Reduction Mandates 

Workshop O - AEP Ohio:  ESP III - Electric Rates & Tariffs, Shopping Opportunities for Customers, PJM Capacity Auction, Demand Response, Ohio Energy Efficiency & Peak Demand Reduction Updates and CBP Auction 

Workshop P - Ohio’s Energy Efficiency & Peak Demand Reduction (EEPDR) Mandates … Report of the Study Committee and What’s on the Horizon 

Workshop Q - Maximizing Plant Efficiency with Waste Energy Recovery Options 

Workshop R - Advanced Energy Management … Trends in the Energy Market and New Technology to Manage & Reduce Energy Use 

Workshop S - Best Practices & Case Study:  The Toledo Museum of Art Goes Green ...Taking a 104 Year-Old Building into the 21st Century 

Workshop T - Power Quality & Advanced Cloud-Based Metering Used to Save Energy, Reduce Power & Improve Plant Distribution System Efficiency & Capacity 

Workshop U - Update on Utica Shale … How Prolonged Distressed Pricing of Both Oil & Natural Gas Are Affecting the Development of this Resource Basin -- What’s on the Horizon 

Workshop AA - Advanced, New & Emerging Energy Technologies to Reduce Energy Consumption 

Workshop BB - PJM 201 … A Deeper Dive into the Regional Electricity Market Operated by PJM and How Electricity Prices Are Impacted 

Workshop CC- Mapping Shale Development in Ohio … An Analysis of Mid & Downstream Opportunities for Ohio Manufacturers and Other Business 

Workshop DD - Maximizing High Impact Energy Efficiency Technologies and Funding Them on Your Energy Bill - No Capital Required 

Workshop EE - Best Practices & Case Study … Conservation a Priority at Ohio University and a Great Investment 

Workshop FF - Best Practices in Combined Heat & Power (CHP) … Is CHP Right for Your Facility? 

Workshop GG - Best Practices in Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings and Achieving a Reduction in  Energy Consumption … Priceless Insights into the Energy Reduction Practices at Some of Ohio’s Best Companies 

Workshop HH - Best Practices in Energy Efficiency… Electric Motors & VFD Drives 

Workshop II - Dayton Power & Light (DPL): Electric Rates & Tariffs: Updates on Current ESP, Pending Distribution Rate Increase Application, and Customer Value Opportunities in DP&L’s Territory