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5th Pennsylvania Energy Management Conference

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General Sessions

What's Ahead in Pennsylvania … Regulatory and Legislative Update:  Status of Gas and Electric Retail Markets;  PUC's Ongoing Competitive Market Enhancements; EE&C Phase III; Net Metering and Distributed Generation; and Legislative Efforts on Consolidated Income Tax Adjustment, Design and Scope of EE&C Plans, and Renewable Generation and Portfolio Standards Expansion -- Gladys M. Brown, Chairman, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), Harrisburg; Pamela C. Polacek, Member, Energy and Environmental Group, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, Harrisburg; Terrance J. Fitzpatrick, President & CEO, Energy Association of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; and Michael Speerschneider, President, Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition (MAREC) and Chief Permitting & Public Policy Officer, EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc. Pittsburgh 

Keynote:   PJM Capacity Performance & Annual Capacity Auction … Impact on Energy Users in Pennsylvania and Outlook for Electricity  -- Andrew L. Ott, President & CEO,  PJM Interconnection LLC, Audubon 


Workshop A - E3 = Best Practices in Sustainability, Conserving Energy, Reducing Waste and Reducing GHG Emissions  

Workshop B - PJM 101 … Insights into the Regional Electricity Market Operated by PJM 

Workshop C - Advanced Energy Procurement:  Minimizing Capacity Costs through Products and Services  

Workshop D - Energy Efficiency & Conservation—Plans for PA Act 129 Phase III 

Workshop E - Best Practices in Industrial Energy Efficiency & the Value of Energy Efficiency Programs to Your Business/Organization 

Workshop F - PJM 201 … A Deeper Dive into the Regional Electricity Market Operated by PJM and How Electricity Prices Are Impacted 

Workshop G - Cash Incentives for Energy Efficiency Projects in Pennsylvania 

Workshop H - Advanced Energy Management:  Trends in PA’s Energy Market & New Technology to Manage & Reduce Energy Use 

Workshop I- What is the New Future for Demand Response (DR)?  

Workshop J - Strategic Energy Management … Achieve & Sustaining Energy Performance Improvement by Establishing a Systematic Energy Management System (EnMS) 

Workshop K - U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan – The Role of Industrial Energy Efficiency and Pennsylvania's Proposed State Compliance Plan