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11th Annual Northern Ohio Energy Management Conference

11th Annual Northern Ohio Energy Management Conference Sponsors

Brakey Energy, Ohio’s Energy Experts 

ENGIE Resources

GEM Energy

Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency

General Sessions  

Regulation v. Competition… Rapidly-Changing Energy Markets -- Major Developments in Ohio’s Electricity Marketplace Impacting Electric Rates -- Samuel C. Randazzo, General Counsel, Industrial Energy Users - Ohio, Columbus  

HB 554:   Future of Ohio’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards … Will Standards Remain or Increase in 2017?  -- The Honorable Ron Amstutz, State Representative, R-Wooster, Ohio House of Representatives 

Powering the Future of Ohio’s Economy … FirstEnergy’s Insights on the Rapidly-Changing Energy Markets in Ohio -- Eileen M. Mikkelsen, Vice President, Rates & Regulatory Affairs, FirstEnergy Corp., Akron

Implmentation of a Massive Energy Spend Decrease … Accomplished by Energy Efficiency Projects; Participation in the FirstEnergy Mercantile and Energy Rebate; Taking Advantage of Streamlined Opt-Out Opportunity; Capacity and Transmission Cost Management; Block and Index Electricity Procurement; Onsite Generation and Emergency Demand Response -- Carol P. Dietz, Associate Vice President for Facilities, John Carroll University, University Heights 

Concurrent & Interactive Workshops

Workshop A - FirstEnergy: Electric Rates & Tariffs, Capacity Cost Management, Energy Efficiency Projects, New Charges & Changes to FE’s New ESP, FERC & PUCO Cases & How to Save Money on Your Electric Bills 

Workshop B - Smarter Energy Management in the Information Age 

Workshop C - Best Practices for Thermal Energy Measurement … the Basis for Energy Conservation Savings 

Workshop D - The Power of Solar Energy Solutions  

Workshop E - Advanced, New & Emerging Energy Technologies to Reduce Energy Consumptions within Your Facility 

Workshop F - PJM 101 … Insights into the Regional Electricity Markets Operated by PJM and How Electricity Prices are Impacted 

Workshop G - Extracting Maximum Value from Your Electric Supplier … Best Practices  & Cleveland Indians/FirstEnergy Solutions Case Study 

Workshop H - Best Practices in Manufacturing … Leveraging Data to Reduce Energy Costs, Improve Energy Efficiency & Overall Productivity and Achieve Energy Optimization 

Workshop I - Distributed Generation Case Studies … Using Solar and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) for Energy Costs Savings & Environmental Benefits 

Workshop J - Reducing Your FirstEnergy Electricity Bill through Conscious Scheduling & Demand Management    

Workshop K - Commercial Fuel Cell Applications in Ohio … Near-Term Distributed Generation & Transportation Fleet  

Workshop L - Wind Power … Taking Control of Future Energy Costs by Using Utility-Scale Distributed Generation

Workshop M - Best Practices in Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings and Achieving a Reduction in Energy Consumption … Priceless Insights into the Energy Reduction Practices at Some of Ohio’s Best Companies